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Tribute to Clarence L. “Carl” Brumback, M.D., M.P.H. (1914-2012)

  • 18 Jan 2012 8:54 PM
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    Carl L. Brumback, MD, MPH, an AAPHP founder and lifetime achievement award
    winner, died on January 12, 2012 at age 97.

    Below are excepts from numerous positive articles about Dr. Brumback: 
    "I would often be asked who it is I work for.  Is it the state, the county, or the federal government?" Dr. Brumback once said.  "I tell them I work for the people.  The people."  From:
    “Dr. Brumback is Palm Beach County's first Public Health Doctor and is credited with shaping the direction of health care in the area....  Through Dr. Brumback's watch the Environmental Health and Engineering Department has grown to include every aspect of air, water and land pollution monitoring and has been charged with investigating and finding solutions to food borne problems, day care facilities, and assisting with environmental emergencies.  Health clinics have been established throughout the county and the one in Belle Glade, Florida bears his name, a tribute to his many hours of service to the migrant community in that area.“  From
     “Dr. Brumback is credited with numerous firsts as he brought in nurses, nutritionists, and social workers, to help champion good health for all in the community and especially the 55,000 migrant workers that picked vegetables, fruits and cut sugar cane every year.  In 1956 he also began the first Public Health Residency Program within a health department.  At the time, Dr. Brumback said, 'I felt the best way to attract quality public health physicians was through an accredited residency program that was unique in the country.'  The Residency Program remains today and has trained hundreds of physicians in public
    health and preventive medicine.”  From
    “The racial segregation of the times complicated many health issues. After talking with the black community, Brumback made changes that increased the quality and accessibility of their care."

    "Brumback found that the problems of school children were not limited to physical health.  He worked with the Mental Health Association to open a child guidance center at what became the 45th Street Mental Health Center, then Oakwood Center."

    "Migrant farm workers had almost no access to health care in 1950. Brumback worked with Congressman Paul Rogers to pass the national Migrant Health Act of 1962.”  From

    A life to celebrate, and a sad loss.   Dr. Brumback remains, even in passing, a true American hero and role model for all public health physicians.

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  • 19 Jan 2012 12:08 PM
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    Bill elsea
    Carl Brumback was a great leader and role model. He had some great challenges and not only met them, but in so doing created some new paths
  • 24 Jan 2012 8:17 PM
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    The Florida Medical Association published a wonderful article about Dr. Brumback in Florida Medical Magazine's Winter 2009 issue. The article is called The Road Less Traveled: Carl L. Brumback, MD and is reprinted here with permission from the Florida Medical Association.   Click Here: The_Road_Less_Traveled.pdf 
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