Guardians of the Public's Health

Dorian Came Calling.

By Kevin Sherin 

Dorian came calling -along the shore

Authorities could not- have warned people more 

But people do -what they will do 

And later some- or their families will rue. 

Trauma affects, the vulnerable and strong 

Reach out to your neighbors when things  go  wrong 

If you lose power- throw perishables out 

less than a day a shut fridge helps - no doubt  

Keep that generator -out of the garage 

Far away -from AC vents -and cars. 

Tree roots exposed -flash floods to drive 

Boil that water -add bleach to survive 

Watch what you pick up -and where you step 

Wear gloves and glasses -for clean up prep. 

Avoid dirty water- and any downed wires. 

Watch all the children -temptations fires. 

Safety first -is the message we preach. 

We are "HurricaneStrong" - resilience-we reach.

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