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Richard W. Biek, MD, MPH, Chief Consultant, Biek Public
Health Consulting, LLC,  is a past Board
Member and a member for over 40 years.  He shares the
following wisdom. Dr. Biek's bio and the story of how he
developed this is available at:

Positive Health Promotion
First, write down a number to record how well you are doing. You
are the world's greatest expert on your own life and health. Use a
simple 5-point scale for how happy, healthy and satisfied with life
you are at this moment. 1 = very unhappy, 2 = somewhat unhappy,
3 =  not sure or no answer, 4 = somewhat happy, 5 = very happy .
Score healthy and satisfied the same way. The total score is from 3
to 15. If at or near 3, prompt professional help may avoid danger.
At or near 15 may mean you are in excellent shape. If your total
score stays the same or increases, you are probably doing the best
you can. If it begins to drop steadily, you may need to find and build
upon the greatest good you can discover, especially deep inside.
Second, write down all the good that spontaneously and readily
comes to mind that you have ever experienced or observed.  After
the thoughts stop coming, select the best one so far and consider
inwardly how to take the greatest possible advantage of it for the
greatest possible good right now.  Keep adding to the list, use it first
whenever in difficulty.  No need to seek other help if what's needed's
already listed
Third, focus on your  #1 concern, or if #1 does not come to mind,
choose any concern, relax, close eyes, imagine a neon sign of word or
two about that concern, continue to focus only on that sign, expect to
receive spontaneous suggestions of the next step to take for that concern.
Ask a trusted person to write down key words of each suggestion
received you say aloud -- while you go ever deeper inward -- so you
won't have to try to remember them. The deeper inward you go, the
better the suggestions become. When suggestions stop coming, open your
eyes and select the most promising next step to take regarding your
concern. Take that step to discover the real life experience it creates.
At any moment, we have only 3 choices: do good, do harm, or waste time.
Choose to do good, and virtually everything seems to work together for
success, if not on the first step, on the second and even better one. Good
intentions, even when compassionate, are not enough. Good outcomes
should be confirmed by increasing wellness numbers. Taking in real life one
best step after another and integrating the real life experience, you can keep
doing ever better. Life seems designed for this purpose.
Here are the 11 human deeds with eternal value. Loving service. Unselfish
devotion. Courageous loyalty. Sincere fairness. Enlightened honesty.
Undying hope. Confiding trust. Merciful ministry. Unfailing goodness.
Forgiving tolerance. Enduring peace.


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