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1. Joel Nitkin's Job Market Report
2. CDC's online free CME including Hepatitis in Correctional Settings
3. Robert Wood Johnson's Health and Scholars Program Openings
4. AMA Foundation Launches Health Literacy Campaign
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(Ed note: I have had to remove a comprehensive table if you would like the full report email me vmdato@pitt.edu) and I will send it )

The reformatting begun several months ago is being continued, and the abstraction of ads from other journals and web sites is still suspended. (Ed note : temporarily discontinued 2/18/2003) We have received no comments relative to the reformatting, and no new volunteer assistance has materialized - but Bob Harmon, the new President of ACPM has expressed an interest in providing some staff support, and additional discussion is anticipated this next week. Te dramatic reduction in numbers of hits on our website first noted two months ago continues this month. In addition, the steady flow of thanks from employers and job seekers has dropped to zero this last month - suggesting the possibility that the abstraction of ads from other journals and web sites which had been a primary feature of our web site until mid-February may have been of substantial use to our constituency. This remains discontinued due to other pressures on my (JLN) time and a lack of other support for this function. With all these limitations, this JMI web page still clearly stands as the place with the most current job listings of interest to Preventive Medicine and Public Health physicians. The 38 jobs and three sets of training opportunities currently listed are 41 of approximately 200-300 opportunities now open for hiring or training that should be of interest to PM and PH physicians. In lieu of the abstraction, helpful hints and other websites of interest are also provided. The problem remains, however, that very few of these jobs and training opportunities specify PM training. The vast majority are advertised either as physician jobs without specification of PM training (although a few specify an MPH) or non-physician jobs (because they do not involve hands-on patient contact).

a. http://www2.cdc.gov/ce/availableactivities.asp - FREE - MMWR based CME - Prevention and Control of Infections with Hepatitis Viruses in Correctional Settings - plus many others. b. Other Free CDC webased CME opportunities - http://www.phppo.cdc.gov/phtnonline/ (to see the complete list - http://www.phppo.cdc.gov/PHTNOnline/searchpage.asp select view all.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has issued a Call for Proposals for the Health & Society Scholars Program. We'd appreciate your help in letting members of American Association of Public Health Physicians know about this grant opportunity. Below is information you can include on your Web site and in your e-mail newsletter or other publications.

The Robert Wood Johnson Health & Society Scholars Program 2003-2004 http://www.healthandsocietyscholars.org/
Application Deadline: October 15, 2003

The Robert Wood Johnson Health & Society Scholars Program is a two-year fellowship designed to build the nation's capacity for research, leadership and action to address the broad range of factors affecting health. Outstanding individuals who have completed doctoral training in disciplines ranging from behavioral, social, biological and natural sciences to health professions are eligible. Up to 18 scholars will be selected to begin training in August or September 2004 at one of six nationally prominent
universities: Columbia University; Harvard University; University of California, San Francisco and Berkeley; The University of Michigan; University of Pennsylvania and University of Wisconsin.

The program is designed to produce leaders who will change the questions asked, the methods employed to analyze problems and the range of solutions offered to improve the health of all Americans. Applicants should welcome the challenge of building the field of population health. The program is looking for open minded yet critical thinkers who have demonstrated leadership skills and an active interest in interdisciplinary collaboration.

The application deadline for 2004 is October 15, 2003. For complete information on this grant opportunity, eligibility requirements and the application process go to http://www.healthandsocietyscholars.org/

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation - Making grants to improve the health and health care of all Americans. http://www.rwjf.org

AMA Foundation launches health literacy campaign
The American Medical Association Foundation has launched a major campaign to help physicians recognize and respond to patients who have difficulty understanding healthcare information.

According to the foundation, as many as 90 million Americans may have problems understanding the information presented to them by their physician - a condition known as "low health literacy." The result can be
deadly: When patients misunderstand, adverse drug events, incomplete treatment regimens and dangerous diet and lifestyle choices are more likely. Patients are often too embarrassed to admit they don't understand, making it hard for physicians to tell if there is a problem.

As a part of its initiative, the foundation has created a variety of low health literacy resources for physicians, ranging from a Website and CME course to a "toolkit" - including a 48-page manual and video on health literacy -- that can be ordered for $35.

Newsletter subscriptions, health literacy training seminars and special grants are also available. To learn more about these initiatives, please call 312-464-4200 or visit www.amafoundation.org/go/healthliteracy

June 30, 2003