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This page is dedicated to and created for medical students - The Future of Public Health.

The AMA MSS Committee on Global and Public Health webpage is at:

Learn about public health basics at

Resources mentioned at the Nov 6 AMA MSS Outbreak, Natural Disaster and HazMat Relief Teams session.

This is a link to information on field triage including the START protocol:

This is a link to information on the Community Emergency Response Team:

This is a link to ethics issues related to public health:

This is a link to information to recent cuts in public health funding and includes an article co-written by  MSS member Poornima Oruganti.  Http://

This is a link to information on One Health -

Interested in becoming a Public Health Physician? There are many paths that our current members have taken.

One path is through the American Board of Preventive Medicine -

Residency programs are here:

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